Ilona Royce Smithkin

Green Bananas

This woman is so fantastic! What a spirit – I want to be like her at 90. I randomly came across this video and I’m so glad that I pressed play – it made my day! Meet 90 year old Ilona Royce Smithkin. She is more lively than most 20 year olds, she paints, she sings, and wears lashes made of her own hair. Confused about this posts’ title? Watch the video :)


Bonus: I checked out the source of the video, Advanced Style, and love what this guy is doing: “My name is Ari Seth Cohen. I roam the streets of New York looking for the most stylish and creative older folks. Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or two about living life to the fullest. Advanced Style offers proof from the wise and silver-haired set that personal style advances with age.” Check out his blog at:

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